Kids Computer Training - Basic Introduction: Teaching Computer to Toddlers - Is It Possible?


Teaching Kids Computer

Teaching Computer Skills To Toddlers? Is It Possible?

Cleveland, Ohio (PressExposure) February 15, 2010 -- Having a kid is one thing, and wanting that child to have the knowledge to compete with today's "computer world" is another. I decided to start a company for kids to get a jump on learning what's going to be apart of their lives forever. It's in the beginning stages but it's been proved to work.

Teach Kids Computer Company in Cleveland Ohio is a computer training program for children up to age 5 and early as a toddler. Most people agree that children need to learn the computer at the earliest possible age and this company has a program that will teach your child how to identify hardware, how to navigate the mouse and also will teach children some preschool computer terminology.

The program also utilizes animated characters to help the child relate and have fun learning computer skills. Parents are urged to begin teaching your child everything you can regarding computer as to get a jump-start on our technical day in age.

About Teach Kids Computer Company

Teach Kids Computer Company
12613 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44112
phone: (216) 795-9835
fax:(216) 466-7613

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Teaching Computer to Toddlers - Is It Possible?

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